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Business Philosophy-- Quality, Veracity, Value, and Service


eWay Translation & Writing Services,  a major division of eWay International Inc., was established in Taipei area in  

1998 by a scholar returning to Taiwan after living in the U.S. for nearly two decades with the purpose of raising Taiwan's 

translation and writing quality to the world's leading level. eWay anticipates that more enterprises, companies, organizations, 

social clubs, general consumers and the public alike will be able to receive with ease, via internet technology and e-mails, the 

quality, veracity and value provided by eWay's  translation and writing services that shall help people win and succeed!


For quality, eWay generally hires outstanding professional translators and/or scholars who, prior to returning or coming to 

Taiwan, studied in those foreign countries the languages of which are to be translated by them. At eWay, each translation or   

writing must be repeatedly pondered and modified to reach superb quality level with respect to authenticity, comprehension  

and elegance, and with respect to both of eWay's strict requirements of faithfulness and lucidity as well, before each product 

of said translation or writing can be released.


Why is eWay so deeply committed to the excellence of its translation and writing quality? It is because eWay firmly believes 

that quality enables its customers to succeed, and only when its customers succeed, will eWay succeed. eWay sets its   

goal to help you become an even more successful winner so that we, you and eWay, can progress together.


In addition to quality, eWay believes that veracity is a key company culture required for providing warm services to you,     

our respected customer, and that value is the major judging criteria for our work quality and service delivered to you-- thus  

our business philosophy.  If you assent to eWay's business philosophy, we sincerely recommend that you utilize eWay's 

professional services.  You'll be glad you did!