What's eWay's Vision?


Using eWay's business strength to provide superb services for human society so that we people can co-build a more civilized, 
prosperous and joyful earth village.


What's eWay's Management Principles?


Quality, Veracity, Value and Service.


Why should we come to eWay for a translation service?


With eWay's above-mentioned Vision and Management Principles, we welcome you, appreciate your business and are eager to help 
you succeed. 
Most of eWay's translators studied and lived in a foreign country the language of which is chosen to be translated by them. These 
translators thus not only are familiar with the foreign language assigned to them for translation but also understand that foreign culture--  
a key factor for a smooth and faithful translation. These devoted translators at eWay hence are superb professionals who could 
not be easily  found elsewhere.
eWay's translation and writing quality is, in short, superb. At eWay, each translation or writing job must pass multi-layers of
QC to reach full faith, comprehension and elegance, along with faithfulness and lucidity, in quality before the job could 
be released for use. eWay's excellent product quality and veracious service shall assist you, our respected client, to succeed.


Does eWay also provide writing service?


Yes. When you  need, for example, an impressive resume and/or a fine autobiography, written in either Chinese or a foreign language, 
you could simply email  us your basic data in any casual manner, and eWay will complete the rest  for you.  In case we need further 
information from you, we will call you, with your prior consent, or write you via email.
When either you or your company needs some web pages designed or a catalog, a legal contract, and the like, written, you are welcome 
to eWay for a professional service and world-class quality.
eWay offers superb writing talents and abilities in the following fields or jobs: Science and technology, technical papers, such as 
conference/journal papers for IEEE and IEE, resumes and autobiographies, study or research plans,  web pages, catalogs, ads, legal 
contracts/agreements, and the like.
eWay's chief translator and writer, Professor Chen, is the author of a highly-acclaimed college textbook, Modern Business English (841 
pages). When you are not so confident in writing an effective article, document or paper, hiring eWay's professional writers to help you 
make it is indeed an insuring, wise choice.


Why do I need to hire eWay to, say, write or revise my resume or autobiography?


As a Chinese proverb said, "While the outsiders can perceive clearly, the insiders usually get confused." Your resume or autobiography,   
no matter how well-written you might feel, often contains faults or errors that you could not spot by yourself due to the unavoidable  
romance you have with your own writing. Hence, your resume or autobiography often fails to raise the potential employers' interest in, or
appreciation on, your qualification and talent.
Taking a chance in mailing out your resume without a careful editing or revision from a professional resume writer could invite a big
risk with little assurance of success-- just as Sunzi, the great ancient Chinese war strategist, said, "An army of defeat fights first then
looks for a victory."  Sunzi stressed, "An army of victory is, first, well-equipped to win then seeks to fight."  
Hiring eWay's professional writing and job-searching consultants to prepare your resume and autobiography for you shall well equip the
quality of your resume and autobiography and, hence, strengthen your chance of winning a great job.


How does eWay charge? How to make the payment?


The service fee is determined by a few factors, such as the qualification of the translator chosen by eWay's management to do the job 
for you, the translator's work experience and the man-hours required, all of which are related to your job's degree of specialty and 
difficulty involved, your job's type and length, and so forth. For prepayment methods, please refer to: 


Can I pay you after I inspect, and am satisfied with, the quality of your translated work for me? Otherwise, how can I be assured of your 


This is not a problem for our clients with a credit line with us. They pay us on each month's tenth day for the previous month's total 
balance-- paying us only after we have delivered the jobs to these clients is a norm at eWay.
To those clients who have not set up credit lines with us, please prepay us to reduce our collection and hence business operation 
cost.  If you are a regular client, be it a company or an individual, you are welcome to apply for a credit line with us.
eWay only hires great translation and writing talents, usually equipped with a doctorate degree or a professor's background, and only 
provides our clients with excellent quality.  eWay has not yet encountered any rejection of our work completed since the inception 
of this business in 1998. Quality is one of eWay's greatest service strengths.
If you are not familiar or certain with eWay's translation and writing quality, you could hire eWay to translate and/or write just a small 
portion of your job for you first as a test . Once you are completely satisfied, will you need to hire eWay to complete the rest of your job 
for you. eWay will be glad to cooperate with you and quickly assist you for your need in this aspect .
eWay's Complete Satisfaction Guarantee Ploicy: Within one full year after the complete job is delivered to you, eWay will,  
upon your request, revise your job FREE of Charge for you until you are 100% satisfied.
(Additional man-hours for any newly-added text to your original job requested by you shall be charged with your prior agreement.)


Can and will eWay keep our jobs strictly confidential?


Worry this not. Keeping our clients' information strictly confidential is eWay's professional principle, without any incidence or 


Why do you name your firm "eWay?"


We named our firm "eWay" in showing our great appreciation on this new era while we can do things conveniently in the 
electronic way (e-way). This fits our wish for a better future well. The e-way not only helps us do things faster but also helps us 
avoid traffic jams. It is a powerful tool in developing modern civilization. We hope you will be glad to use it to enhance your  
living quality. 
When sending eWay your data or documents, please, if possible, use email and make sure to leave your phone numbers
so that we can contact you, in e-way, in case we need to. After all, the moving speed of electrons is far faster than that of 
human body.