James T. Wang

7th Fl., 123 Any Rd.

Sanchong, Taipei County, Taiwan

Phone: (886) 2-1234-5678

Mobil phone: (886) 0922-238-589

E-mail: anyperson@msb.hinet.net

      A creative, goal-oriented senior managerial staff equipped with 
ten years’ work experience in the financial field, particularly in credit 
card risk management. Track-proven records include: (1) Managing
various projects in strategic planning, system upgrading, operation  
redesign, cost reduction, internal security procedure setup and  
personnel training; (2) Establishing solid relationships with senior- 
level personnel in various credit card  issuance institutes and local
law enforcement units; and (3) Applying recent neural technology 
to detect credit card frauds.
Work Experience:
6/1999~ Present Some Good Credit Services, Inc., Sanchong
                    General Manager     
- Set up and manage a financial service internet website
providing electronic, financial links between the  
consumers and the lenders.
- Successfully investigate business alliance with several  
financial institutes.   
- Plan and set up training courses related to internal 
security control and management for cadre employees.
12/1996~ 6/1999   Minsheng Commercial Bank, Taipei
           - Managed credit card issuance and the acceptance  
risk of vouchers, particularly those via e-commerce  
- Created fraud-prevention policy and regulations.
- Led projects in marketing, product planning and credit
card risk reduction.
Resume, James T. Wang (cont’d)
- Due to the increasing severity of counterfeit credit  
card problem during this period, I, on behalf of the 
largest card issuance institute, rallied the directors and 
managers of all major financial institutes, who were
responsible for card issuance and voucher 
acceptance risks, to coordinate the exchange of 
related information and the training of detective, 
police and investigation units.  
- Participated the risk convention in the U.S. and 
introduced the system concept of counterfeit credit 
card detection and prevention to the banking industry  
in Taiwan.
- In early 2000, I handled personal financial risk 
management  tasks and gained a great deal of  
insight knowledge in this field. Acclaimed by my 
superiors, was awarded Model of the Profession Prize.
6/1994~ 12/1996         Trust Worthy Bank, Panchiao, Taipei County           
      Assistant Manager                  
        - Set up Receivable Collection Department.
- Established Credit Card Center and System Planning
- Completed the establishment of credit policy and the
analysis and setting of delegation parameters.
- Helped resolve multiple tasks, e.g. ISO standard 
certification, the planning of voucher receiving system
via internet, etc., and provided a few professional, 
Resume, James T. Wang (cont’d)
feasible suggestions to the company.
- Familiar with credit card business operations and was
awarded Standard Chartered Bank Internal Inspection  

  Personnel Certificate.

5/1990~ 6/1994          Discover Credit Services, Ltd., Taipei            
- Was promoted to a supervisory position within two 
years due to my hard work and positive attitude.
- Was evaluated as the Supervisor with the Greatest  
Potential by high-ranked directing managers; also was 
awarded the honor of the Best Employee of the 
- Due to my outstanding credit management, the second 
best inside world-wide Discover Credit Services, I 
was proclaimed by the CEO of the company. 
  B.A. in Economics, National Taiwan University,  Taipei, Taiwan, 1979~83
  Chien Kuo Senior High School, Taipei, Taiwan, 1976~79
Computer Skills:
Familiar with MS Word, Access, Excel, Lotus, Power 
Point, Dreamweaver and HTML. 
Personal Data:
Born on September 5, 1961; married with two children. 
Height: 169 cm; weight: 63 Kg.  Health Condition:
  Jimmy Wong, President,  Minsheng Commercial Bank; 
phone: 886-2-2345-6789 ext. 123
  Pat N. Baker, Vice President, Some Good Credit Services, Inc.;
phone: 886-2-3456-7890 
  Morris C. Chien, Professor, National Taiwan University, 
Dept. of Economics; phone: (02) 4567-8901 ext. 235